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Mini Skirt?

Houston Tri-Level Phone Booth at store opening.

Do you remember the Mini Skirt?? Early 70’s skimpy attire, responsible for a good deal of male eye strain and compulsive distraction! While drawing the floor plan of our first prototypical raised square bar for Friday’s, I discovered a convenient spot for a two-level phone booth. Herbert Hughes, our designer, trimmed the idea out with stained glass ceiling and doors. Magic happened in that phone booth, couples met and some asked to hold their weddings in the booth. It also accounted for a good deal of eye strain.    While drawing the floor plan of our second store I was not completely settled on the first plan so I decided to test a third level above the bar. OMG! I deny that I was prompted by any phone booth considerations but the new level did accommodate a third, I am sorry, obscene level. I never had nerve to use that phone booth myself but I heard stories. For completely unrelated reasons I eliminated that level on future stores, in spite of all the petitions and letters to the contrary the third level had to go!

No! That’s final, I won’t go look!

A tale of two boots.

The expectations of modern criminology has forever been changed by television and all the forensics used on the various police shows. Being a quick study and an avid fan of several of these shows, I recently had an opportunity to be of a great help to the Salem, Oregon police. We arrived at the Salem Marriott in a driving rain storm, leaving most of our belongings in our pickup truck for the night. The following morning, in a Perot like manner, I observed the door lock had been removed and some of the contents of the truck stolen. When the police arrived, I told them I had studied the ‘crime scene’ and had identified the characteristics for which they should be looking, in the ‘perp’! Indeed? They asked! Yes, he or she is a one legged man or woman with a one legged male or female accomplice! The rest of the interview went poorly. The two boots that were left, one mine and one Sandy’s, are on the mantle next to me. We use them as flower pots!

***For those of you that have been asking for some Friday’s stories, they are coming. I have several meetings this month with those who bleed red & white! Thanks for asking and for all for your support!

Taste Tells

I had an important birthday this year #75!  Sandy my best friend and wife and our funny-funny dogs Boomer and Dutch, celebrated at anchor in the Sacramento Delta.  Friday’s was famous for its food.  We made everything, I mean everything, from scratch.  Famous salad dressing companies wanted to make our dressings and sauces.  I would say ‘bring it on but there is only one catch,  you must win a blind taste test.’  Office staff would take turns coming to the test kitchen as taste panels. Until I left we continued to make everything, yes, one more time, everything from scratch because ‘taste tells’.  My sweet wife, knowing my favorite cake is Friday’s from scratch carrot cake, hunted down the recipe, from one of the alumni and made one for me. Wow, was it good, because it was made from scratch and ‘taste tells’.