1.  Captain Dan aka Techno-Geezer

I am a techno addict.  I clearly understand the young people today and their fascination with all the gadgets.  My first exposure to technology, was in my corporate days with Boise Cascade. The company was buying a IBM 360-60 (WOW) complete with an air conditioned room. Those of us in the executive suite were sent  off to Poughkeepsie, NY and IBM school. The goal was to teach us to leave the ‘nerds’ alone!  Not too much later, in my life, I bought a similar machine for Friday’s and believe me I left the ‘nerds’ alone! Over the years I have done a lot of flying and sailing and grew up with the technology of the day, in those worlds. My last Atlantic crossing entailed one waypoint entry into the GPS, set it for the great circle route, interfaced it with the autopilot and then fished for 16+ days. I am thrilled today that, to my friends, young and old, I am the go to guy on technical problems geezer that I am. I won’t describe the five gadgets in front of me above, while working on the book, my wife says it sounds like bragging. I think at my age bragging would have to, at least, involve a red Ferrari. So, anyway, let me share my crowning technical moment, sitting (not in a Ferrari) in front of a Verizon store at 4:00 a.m., watching live TV through a sling box on my home Dish Network, displayed on my iPad, just to be first in line for the new iPhone. Yeah……’Techno-Geezer!’ thats the ticket.

          (Note from Sandy:  Dan was second in the store that morning–missed being first because he            
            was busy watching tv)
          Tell a friend about my blog…..not because its funny or interesting but because I need numbers    

           to impress my publisher.  Thanks, Dan.
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