We had the pleasure of spending the 4th of July in Pelican, Alaska a few years ago. Pelican is a small coastal fishing town north of Sitka. You can get there by float plane or boat. The one car in town, a jeep serves as the towns fire truck.  The ‘rich’ travel by golf cart, middle class by bicycle and the rest of us walk on the boardwalk streets. What a great experience! There were many fun activities but two of the highlights are pictured above. One event was the Blindfolded Dinghy Race. One rower blindfolded with a coxswain calling directions. Interesting study in human behavior. The pair switch positions at the half way mark.  The outbound assignments had them with a substantial lead, after the switch, coming back, we didn’t think they would ever make it  back. Hmmmmmmmm somebody couldn’t take instructions very well or maybe give them?!?!  The other event was the Greased Log Pole. It’s hard to see but the winner had to make it out to the end and grab the little American flag. The ‘happy’ crowd cheered and raised over $800 for the eventual winner. He was a young Croatian man, working the summer in the fish cannery, who could really use the money.  His skate board stance took him all the way to the end, the flag and $800!

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