How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? There is no secert about the fact that I am 75 years old. I have to look in the mirror to believe it. Wow, then I  believe it! My life is very active, I do five vigorous miles a day up and down 400 feet of incline in our neighborhood. I ski, on a very cheap senior season pass ( they don’t think septuagenarians will get much use) and still like tough offshore sails. I was riding on a bus in San Francisco the other day, sitting in the senior section, only because it was the only seat left, no – I am not being defensive. Sitting next to me was a young mom with a very young baby in her arms and standing in front of her was a man about my age.  All of a sudden the mom stood up insisted the man take her seat (remember we are in the handicap/senior section) and he was now sitting next to me very embarrassed. I tried to comfort him with a story about a fellow board member in New York City. This debonair gentleman, a ladies man when younger, was riding a downtown bus, also standing, when he spotted an attractive lady sitting  near him, and she was eyeing him. He thought, quietly to himself, I’ve still got what it takes!  At that precise moment she stood and offered him her seat.

Pictured above, I am not acting my age, thats me with my wife Sandy at a recent costume party……I am the tall one.

See some of our sailing adventures:

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