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More Fun & Games


We had the pleasure of spending the 4th of July in Pelican, Alaska a few years ago. Pelican is a small coastal fishing town north of Sitka. You can get there by float plane or boat. The one car in town, a jeep serves as the towns fire truck.  The ‘rich’ travel by golf cart, middle class by bicycle and the rest of us walk on the boardwalk streets. What a great experience! There were many fun activities but two of the highlights are pictured above. One event was the Blindfolded Dinghy Race. One rower blindfolded with a coxswain calling directions. Interesting study in human behavior. The pair switch positions at the half way mark.  The outbound assignments had them with a substantial lead, after the switch, coming back, we didn’t think they would ever make it  back. Hmmmmmmmm somebody couldn’t take instructions very well or maybe give them?!?!  The other event was the Greased Log Pole. It’s hard to see but the winner had to make it out to the end and grab the little American flag. The ‘happy’ crowd cheered and raised over $800 for the eventual winner. He was a young Croatian man, working the summer in the fish cannery, who could really use the money.  His skate board stance took him all the way to the end, the flag and $800!

Changes in lattitude!

Sandy and I have been lucky enough to experience the ‘dream’ of sailing the world’s oceans, limited only by imagination. We picked Black Diamond up in La Rochelle, France.  Sandy’s first big sail was crossing the Atlantic, 16 days – 22 hours, she recalls. We started the crossing from the Canaries and made landfall on the island of Guadalupe in the Caribbean. A jackets to shorts trip. After transiting the Panama Canal and dodging endless lightening strikes we spent five months in Costa Rica. Still dark with suntans here we are in Prince Rupert, BC. waiting for the weather to clear to head ‘north to Alaska’. Another shorts to, this time, parka trip. Just shows you gotta be flexible and that crusing isn’t all sunny beaches and palm trees.

Techno-geezer (not found in Wikipedia)

  1.  Captain Dan aka Techno-Geezer

I am a techno addict.  I clearly understand the young people today and their fascination with all the gadgets.  My first exposure to technology, was in my corporate days with Boise Cascade. The company was buying a IBM 360-60 (WOW) complete with an air conditioned room. Those of us in the executive suite were sent  off to Poughkeepsie, NY and IBM school. The goal was to teach us to leave the ‘nerds’ alone!  Not too much later, in my life, I bought a similar machine for Friday’s and believe me I left the ‘nerds’ alone! Over the years I have done a lot of flying and sailing and grew up with the technology of the day, in those worlds. My last Atlantic crossing entailed one waypoint entry into the GPS, set it for the great circle route, interfaced it with the autopilot and then fished for 16+ days. I am thrilled today that, to my friends, young and old, I am the go to guy on technical problems geezer that I am. I won’t describe the five gadgets in front of me above, while working on the book, my wife says it sounds like bragging. I think at my age bragging would have to, at least, involve a red Ferrari. So, anyway, let me share my crowning technical moment, sitting (not in a Ferrari) in front of a Verizon store at 4:00 a.m., watching live TV through a sling box on my home Dish Network, displayed on my iPad, just to be first in line for the new iPhone. Yeah……’Techno-Geezer!’ thats the ticket.

          (Note from Sandy:  Dan was second in the store that morning–missed being first because he            
            was busy watching tv)
          Tell a friend about my blog…..not because its funny or interesting but because I need numbers    

           to impress my publisher.  Thanks, Dan.

Don’t act your age!

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? There is no secert about the fact that I am 75 years old. I have to look in the mirror to believe it. Wow, then I  believe it! My life is very active, I do five vigorous miles a day up and down 400 feet of incline in our neighborhood. I ski, on a very cheap senior season pass ( they don’t think septuagenarians will get much use) and still like tough offshore sails. I was riding on a bus in San Francisco the other day, sitting in the senior section, only because it was the only seat left, no – I am not being defensive. Sitting next to me was a young mom with a very young baby in her arms and standing in front of her was a man about my age.  All of a sudden the mom stood up insisted the man take her seat (remember we are in the handicap/senior section) and he was now sitting next to me very embarrassed. I tried to comfort him with a story about a fellow board member in New York City. This debonair gentleman, a ladies man when younger, was riding a downtown bus, also standing, when he spotted an attractive lady sitting  near him, and she was eyeing him. He thought, quietly to himself, I’ve still got what it takes!  At that precise moment she stood and offered him her seat.

Pictured above, I am not acting my age, thats me with my wife Sandy at a recent costume party……I am the tall one.

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