Our motto in the founding days of the Friday’s experience was, “be the best, have fun and make money”. We were fanatical about all three. The book is all about how to be the best; this blog is mostly about the fun part. Since the minute I could afford a sailboat I have had one. For years I kept the boat in the Abacos, out islands in the Bahamas. I regularly flew various parts of the organization to the boat for meetings that were both serious and fun. Two games emerged that I want to share with you.

This a great game with a great  tradition amongst the faithful. PBBA shirts are highly prized. First you need a beach, complete with  the normal slope to the sea. Then you need coconuts of various sizes and weights. Next you need 10 freshly emptied beer cans, emphasis on ‘freshly’. You set the beach alley up, horizontal to the water, placing the 10 pins (freshly emptied beer cans) as you would in a regular game of bowling. Five paces from the head pin you draw a lob line in the sand. 15 paces from the lob line is the throw line. Each player selects his or her coconut (size matters). When throwing the coconut it must hit beach before the lob line. Scoring is as in regular bowling. It is hilarious to watch.  The irregularity of the coconuts and the slope of the beach is very challenging. Have another beer, we always need back up pins!
We had a great real estate department but when together wild is an understatement. It was always fun when I took them to the boat. If you remember the movie “Deer Hunter” you will remember the scene where they are playing Russian roulette. This is their version. A round of beer is placed in the ice, one violently shaken. Each player draw out a beer holds it up to his or her ear and pops the top aimed into the ear. Pretty funny especially if you have already had a few.
This is a game I do not recommend. That’s my mother in law with a friend. I had just left them on a deserted island for beating me at dominos. Just kidding! 
See the travels of S/V Black Diamond: sailblackdiamond.com

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