Wow, what an experience. With the help and guidance of  my ghost writer Mikie Baker aka Casper (pictured above). Mikie, by the way, is one of Friday’s original employees who handled our creative efforts back in the day. I embarked on this adventure while sitting on Black Diamond in the Sacramento Delta last summer. It has been a blast. We tell Friday’s story, while along the way aiming the book at teaching common sense principles that apply to most any business and a lot of everyday life. Organization, decision making and standards are just a few of the things we address.  We have conducted a range of interviews with business leaders from start-up to mid-sized companies such as Pier 39 where we keep the boat. I am working on an interview with Herb Kelleher the founder of Southwest Airlines, after all I have chartered a third of his airline (to learn that story you will have to buy the book). All of my research has served to reinforce the principles we used to make Friday’s a success are still golden today. Living proof is Friday’s UK. Karen Forrester Managing Director of Friday’s UK flew to San Francisco to meet with me recently and I am attending a reward celebration for 300 of her managers in Florida later this month. The success she has created in the UK is phenomenal and she says she is doing it by just going back to Friday’s  roots.  I plan to visit her in London this coming year with a special presentation but shhhhh it’s a surprise.

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