These are my rides from Friday’s glory days, ground and air. I designed the paint scheme for the Falcon X and somehow ended up with a matching Rolls.  Long story, but no one was hurt in the process.  I have talked with many CEO’s and read many accounts of how the #1 thing they miss is the corporate jet.  I must admit the plane pictured above came close to #1 until I started writing and reconnecting with the exhilaration of the Friday’s culture and the Friday’s family of friends.  That’s what I really miss most!  The biggest benefit of doing this book has turned out to be reconnecting with the Friday’s family past and now present under the direction of Karen Forrester.  I am really looking forward to meeting her team in Florida.  I am working on my British English now…..lift…loo…bonnet……round about…..pissed….dishy but I am not going to the cigarette thingy, no one smokes anymore anyway!

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