Finally after contemplating the Friday’s experience, traveling 160,000 sea miles and receiving a great deal of encouragement I am writing ‘the’ book. I am very appreciative of all the Friday’s alumni that are giving me their support and help with their memories and life experience evolving from their time with the company. Karen Forrester, currently the Managing Director of Friday’s UK is a true inspiration with her full implementation and further growth of the principles that made Friday’s a leader and icon in it’s field. Above is a photo of my latest vessel S/V Black Diamond. My wife and I picked it up in France. Sandys first big sailing adventure was to cross the Atlantic with me, my third time so I knew the way. We have traveled many miles in the last 10 years, through the Panama Canal and north to Alaska. If you are one of the many that made Fridays a success in the early days I would love to hear from you.

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